We Make a Difference

It is extremely important that you make the right legal decisions as quickly as possible following an injury to ensure that your rights are adequately protected.  Making the right decisions will ensure that:

  • Those responsible for the injury are held responsible; and
  • The financial burdens associated with medical care and recovery for your injury will not be yours to shoulder alone.

We have helped injured people in Wisconsin, and their families, achieve these two critical goals in thousands of personal injury, products liability and medical malpractice cases. We have more than 80 years of combined trial experience in courthouses throughout Wisconsin, and are active in state and national organizations which are dedicated to preserving the rights of injured persons to present their cases for decision by a jury. We are regularly asked to participate in education programs for other lawyers to share our knowledge, experience and skills. Our legal expertise and dedication to our clients is recognized by the legal community in Wisconsin, and have a proven past record of success in supporting our clients’ claims.