We Will Be There for You

You and your family can turn to Laufenberg, Stombaugh & Jassak, S.C. for caring and conscientious legal guidance during the difficult and confusing times that often follow car, motorcycle and truck accidents, product accidents, medical malpractice and other misfortune that results in death and personal injury.  We will make ourselves available to you and your family and offer a free evaluation of your personal injury case.

We understand it is difficult to know where to begin in the aftermath of an accidental death or personal injury. You will find that we are sensitive to the personal and practical impact of these events; no one can plan to suffer the accidental loss of a loved one or a personal injury. We treat our clients the way we would want members of our own family to be treated in the same situation – with sensitivity and respect.  Our goal is to provide practical, down-to-earth advice, and to apply the skills and knowledge we have acquired to obtain the best possible outcome for your claim. After all, no one can prepare in advance for the grim prospects of life with a permanent injury (such as an injury to the neck, back, spinal cord or brain, loss of an arm or leg, or severe burns), and no one can imagine the changes and limitations such injuries will bring to one’s life and the loved ones caring for us.  Even if an injury is not of a serious, permanent nature, not having someone who knows how to obtain adequate compensation in a timely manner can only add to the frustration of dealing with this disruption to your life.

Send us an e-mail (link here) today and tell us about your claim, or call us at (414) 778-0700 or (866) 605-0200, toll free, to discuss your claim with one of our attorneys.